This was the second game in our Kill Team campaign and it was great fun! The Scavenge Supplies mission from Sector Munitorum was really good – five objectives are placed and if controlled at the end of a turn, players can scavenge them, revealing: nothing, 1 VP immediately, 2 at the end of the game (if controlled) or 3 at the end of the game (if controlled).

I won’t go into too much detail, but this was a really fun game. I scored 1 VP early on, and both Phil and I revealed 2 VP scoring ones, with the rest being duds. My Deathwatch were severely embattled with the rapid pace of the cultists and this turned into a desperate fight. 

In the end Phil won out by 3 VPs to 1, but it came down to the wire, with my kick-ass Space Wolf charging to try to clear two cultists off the 2 VP objective near where I deployed. He killed one and injured the other, but didn’t have a re-roll left to change the flesh wound result…

We made a mistake as we missed the fact that Shaken models can’t control objectives. but it was an excellent game, so it didn’t really matter!

We’re keeping track of resources, experience and losses. I’ll blog about that as we get deeper into the campaign.

Until next time,