I picked up the Sector Munitorum box during the week as it comes with a great selection of terrain. Also in the box is some background material and cards to bring some character to the Killzone. Phil and I played through the Extreme Measures mission from the box. The image below shows our start positions after the Genestealers had made their Ambush moves. The red ammo crates are the objectives. My deathwatch are trying to plant explosives on them and the cult are attempting to undo anything I’ve done. There are 1 CP mission specific tactics for each Kill Team to do this, so we were both pretty careful not to spend CPs frivolously! Turn 1 (below) saw the Cultists flood forward and prepare to charge. I set explosives on the objectives near my team and prepared to weather the storm. I was hoping to win initiative…

I don’t think I won it once this game! Turn 2 saw me get lucky with my Space Wolf and Iron Fist take down the Aberrant that charged them. Some poor rolling from Phil meant there were few charges. He avoided charging the Frag Cannon-armed Imperial Fist and he took care of the flamer Cultist in the shooting phase.

Turn 3 was pivotal. I pushed my Blood Angels leader towards an objective and the Imperial Fist moved to another. Phil’s Iconward manage to get at one I’d set earlier. The strength of the Cultists showed in the combat phase and he took down my Ultramarine and Space Wolf!

From here the game devolved into Nerve tests and me desperately trying to set charges on objectives. There was a chance that the game would end in Turn 4 (below) and if it did I would lose (I need to have more than half of the objectives primed).

Thankfully the game went on one more turn and I was able to prime two more objectives. Phil’s team were depleted to the point that they lacked numbers to turn off objectives quickly enough. I may have complained about not winning initiative earlier, but it proved valuable later in the game when I could react to Phil’s movements. That and the game ending on Turn 5 helped to win the game for me!

Until next time,