One of the simple beauties of Kill Team is that a game can be quick to play. Gavin and I managed to get two games played in about two hours over the weekend! We’re continuing the narrative after my Deathwatch clashed with his Hawk Lords deep in hostile Genestealer territory.

Game 1 – Sweep and Clear

Gavin’s Hawk Lords had their nose bloodied after their encounter with the Deathwatch. The Deathwatch had been tasked with retrieving intelligence by Inquisitor Dornoth and in the maelstrom of battle hadn’t cared too much who they were blasting to fulfil their mission. The Hawk Lords lost their plasmsgun-armed gunner, but otherwise escaped unscathed. The encounter rattled the Hawk Lord commander and he decided to secure their temporary base. We chose Sweep and Clear as the mission.

This was my first outing with the Genestealer Cults and I opted for a pretty balanced Kill Team: a Neophyte Leader, two lightly armed Neophytes (autogun and shotgun), two heavily armed (mining laser and seismic cannon), an Aberrant and four Purestrains. Above is my deployment for the mission. I stupidly hid all of my models, forgetting that I’d get to move before the first shooting phase. I also forgot my Cult Ambush rule! Gavin bunkered well and the game was only going to go one way!

His snipers took a heavy toll as I spent too long crossing open ground. His shooting broke my Kill Team, which was a victory condition for this mission. Lesson learned… move up the multi-armed killy guys as rapidly as possible!

Game 2 – Recover Intelligence

This game went a lot more smoothly for the Genestealer Cult. I managed to roll a lot of 5+s for the Cult Ambush, so my guys closed the gap quickly. Gavin was still able to blast the Aberrant and two Genestealers before they got to him, but the other two were able to do plenty when they arrived on top of his guys. My heavy weapons were also pretty effective – I focussed fire on his flamer-armed Marine (a replacement for the dead plasmagun), which led to his demise. The rest of my crew mopped up the VPs while the Genestealers killed and contained the remainder of Gavin’s team.

My kill team are starting to accrue some experience, so I’m looking forward to leveling them up. I have to say, Kill Team is a fun game. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it seems to work well. I’m painting up the terrain at the moment, so hopefully I’ll have it all done for the next game. Kill Team deserves some painted terrain.

Until next time,