Phil and I get to play fairly often, despite living in cities that are 1000s of kilometres apart. Mostly we play on VASSAL, but every so often we get to play face-to-face. Either he’s in Dublin or I travel to Hamburg. It’s a good sign of the quality of a game when we choose to play it face-to-face. Guild Ball is one of those games and today’s game was a classic.

We played using the Kick Off teams, with me taking the Masons and Phil (rather appropriately) fielding the Brewers. It turned into a classic. I won’t go through a blow-by blow, but the game ended 13:10 to Phil, with a lot of brawling and a lot of football played. It was very closely matched between the two teams – we each scored a goal and the remaining VPs came from take outs. I was unlucky to miss a tap in with Honour early in the game, and I nearly pushed Spigot off the pitch with Flint – imagine the ignominy… Spigot would have been the subject of much ridicule!

Guild Ball is a superb game – the ball is a moving objective and you cannot ignore it. While I enjoy it, I don’t think it could be my main game… not without investing in all of the teams. I have the Hunters on my painting queue, so I think they’ll see a little love after the Blood Angels are finished.

Until next time,