Attacker – Turn 1

Game 4 of our campaign saw another epic blood bath as Phil’s Astra Militarum tried to take control of a Genestealer Cults-held stronghold. We played this game over two nights as 100 Pwr games with fortifications that are played over VASSAL can take a while! At the half-way point in the game I really didn’t expect to win (spoiler – I did!) as Phil had successfully whittled me down and he’d destroyed half of the stronghold. The more valuable objective marker (worth 6 VPs) was in the other half and that, coupled with some insane luck, allowed me to hang on in for the win. Here are some highlights:

  • My Aberrants and Patriarch (Warlord) taking down a Shadowbane. It dealt a huge amount of damage to it, but they kept it from focussing on my stronghold.
  • The sheer carnage caused by my ambushing Genestealers – they killed loads of stuff, but as in previous games were pretty quickly shot up by the survivors.
  • The surprising success of my Acolytes. They ambushed in the top right corner and caused a nuisance for long enough to keep the attention of the Imperials there diverted from the stronghold.
  • A slugfest between the Ogryn, a handful of Genestealers and the Primus. An Ogryn eventually won out.
  • Phil’s excellent use of orders – his soldiers always seemed to have something fruitful to do.

Until next time,