Here’s their background –

The Children’s Heads Warband
Vania and Victor Volsted had lived a simple life tending to their meagre farmland just south of Lammergar. Vania had always known a little of the magics for it ran in her family, but she kept them to herself and focussed on raising her children. When her two children, Vanessa and Vladimir, were in their early teenage years war came to Lammergar. In a devastating attack on their homestead the two children were murdered by invading soldiers before Vania’s eyes. Something inside of her snapped and she turned to magic as a means of reuniting her family. Frostgrave is a desperate place for desperate people. Vania and Victor are desperate to see their children again…

and here’s the initial warband –


I decided I go with multiple mid-quality models. The thieves are treasure runners, the warhound is for interference and others are for dishing out some damage. The spells I went for are –

  • Bone Dart Necromancer / 8 / Line of Sight  This spell fires a small, sharp shard of bone at a target. The spellcaster may make an immediate +5 shooting attack against any figure in line of sight. This does not count as a magic attack.So, this is here to give me a little ranged offence. Since the Wizard gains decent XP for killing off models it’ll hopefully get used occasionally.
  • Raise Zombie Necromancer / 8 / Out of Game OR Touch  This spell can be used both ‘Out of Game’ and during the game. If successful, the spellcaster adds one zombie to his warband (see Chapter 6: Bestiary). If the spell is cast before the game, the zombie can be deployed normally. If it is cast during a game, the zombie appears in base contact with the spellcaster. A warband may only have one raised zombie at any one time. If the zombie is killed during a game, Raise Zombie can be cast again to create another. A raised zombie does not count towards the warband size limit and remains with a warband until the end of the game, at which point it crumbles into dust.Does exactly what it says on the tin. Gives me another model to use in my band.
  • Bones of the Earth Necromancer / 10 / Line of Sight  A skeletal hand reaches out of the ground and grabs the target’s ankle. The target is held fast and may not move. Any magic form of movement will allow the target to escape the hand. Otherwise, the only way to escape the hand is to fight. The hand has Fight +0 and Health 1. If the hand is damaged, it vanishes, and the target is free. This spell may only be cast against a target that is standing on ground level. The maximum range for this spell is 18”.I hope with Leap and Telekinesis that I’ll be first to the treasures, but if I’m not this’ll allow me stall the enemy.
  • Fog Witch / 8/10 / Line of Sight  A line of fog, 6” long, 3” high and 1” thick settles across the battlefield within line of sight of the caster (use cotton or paper to mark the patch of fog). Figures can move through the fog with no difficulty, but no-one may draw line of sight through it. At the start of each new turn, roll a d20. On a result of 19 or 20 the fog dissipates and is removed from the table.Crossbows are lethal. This allows me to block their line of sight!
  • Crumble Chronomancer / 10/12 / Line of Sight  This spell only works against man-made structures such as buildings and walls. The spellcaster rapidly speeds up the passing of time in a small area of the structure, causing it to collapse. This can effectively create a doorway-sized hole through any wall, which should be indicated on the table somehow. The spell can also be used to collapse a section of floor beneath a figure standing on a level above the ground. In this case, the figure about to be affected must pass a Will roll versus the casting roll, or fall to the next level down and taking damage appropriately.Frostgrave is a dense place. Putting a door where I need one could be useful!
  • Leap Summoner / 8/10 / Line of Sight  The target makes an immediate 10” move in any direction, including vertically. This move is not hindered by any terrain unless that terrain is over 10” high. Target may take no other action this turn. This spell cannot be used to move a figure into combat.This is a bread and butter spell. It’s been clarified that it may be used to leap models off the board. Since treasure slows them so much this is a useful trick to have.
  • Telekinesis Enchanter / 8/12 / Line of Sight  The spellcaster may move any currently unclaimed treasure within 24” by up to 6” in any direction. As long as he can maintain line of sight to the treasure, he can move it over any terrain or obstacle. If the treasure moves out of line of sight, it immediately falls straight to the ground.If I can’t get to the treasure I’ll bring it to me. It’s getting expensive to cast as a Neutral School spell.
  • Absorb Knowledge Sigilist / 8/12 / Out of Game  This spell can only be cast by a wizard, and allows him to absorb the knowledge from a written work without having to read it. A wizard immediately gains 50 experience points for casting this spell to represent the speed with which he can gain knowledge. This spell may only be cast after a game in which the wizard was not reduced to 0 Health.XP are good!

So that is the starting point… let’s see how they fare in the dangerous city of Frostgrave!

Until next time,