This is the second post in my Audit series (the first on, on Warmachine and Hordes, is here). This time around I’m taking a critical look at my Malifaux gaming.


I picked up Malifaux not long after it was released, but interest in the game locally plummeted after the initial release. I still kept interest in the game, mostly driven by the beautiful models, and even started to build a VASSAL module for it just over a year ago. Other projects took over so it stalled before it had really begun.

Ryle, Guild Pawn (Front)This year has been much better for Malifaux. From a hobby perspective I have really enjoyed painting the models, particularly in experimenting with the underpainting technique. I’ve painted the Sonnia Criid and Lucius crew boxes this year and have more stuff lined up for the next few months (Guild Guard; Dead Justice and converting a Lady Justice Avatar from the alt. sculpt). I’ll continue with the underpainting approach as its muted colours help to unify the models quite nicely.

2 TurnOn the gaming side I’ve gotten more Malifaux games in this year than I have at any other stage. I only started playing Malifaux in May 2010, so playing more games this year was pretty much guaranteed. The fun I’ve had playing the game re-invigorated my interest in doing a VASSAL module for it and things have been progressing well on that front. There will be more news on that later in the year!

Puppet Wars is something I’m looking forward to. I have it pre-ordered and I can’t wait to get a few games in. I’m really looking forward to painting the puppets as it’ll give me a chance to use some interesting colours. Expect a few posts about colour theory and palette selection when I start work on those little models. I plan to use them as Malifaux models too, so that’ll present an interesting modeling challenge when I want to have a crew of mixed models. Basing might be the secret there.

Apart from completing and releasing the module and getting into Puppet Wars, my main plans are to continue learning to play The Guild and trying to play as many enemy Masters as possible. Painting the Dead Justice crew is something I’m particularly looking forward too.

Malifaux is in the ascendency. The main problem is that there are few players locally. The VASSAL module will mitigate that somewhat, but I may think about writing a campaign system for it. I am a little disappointed that Wyrd don’t have a campaign extension for the game…

Next up in the audit: Flames of War.