This game was Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw on steroids. I brought my newly converted Absylonia out to play and Peter fielded Mortenebra. We played The Gauntlet scenario with armies that were full of heavies. Peter’s list had a Ripjaw, Deathjack, 2 Slayers and a Leviathan with a handful of support solos. My list comprised four Shredders, a Carnivean, Ravagore and Angelius.

Peter had the first turn and moved out quickly. He cast Spectral Steel on the Deathjack and that was about it. In response my Ravagore missed a shot on the Ripjaw that was obviously acting as bait for one of my heavies. Absylonia put Forced Evolution on the Angelius and Playing God onto the Carnivore and I didn’t fall for it and sent a Shredder into it, taking out the head. The Angelius moved the the right to take out a Scrap Thrall that ran close by. Another Shredder charged the Slayer near the woods to act as a speed bump and my Carnivean ran to the left of the wood.

Peter was wary of my feat and wanted to Beasts out in one go. With that in mind he set about realising his devious plan. He cast Overrun on the Slayer and it set about pummelling the Shredder. This triggered overrun on Deathjack and it moved forward within charge distance of the Angelius. Before it charged the Leviathan ‘softened up’ the Angelius, dropping it to 3 points of damage! This left Peter with a difficult choice as the Ravagore, Absylonia, with Tenacity and 3 Fury, and the Angelius were within charge range of the Deathjack. He decided to finish off the Angelius, fearful of Absylonia’s feat and her ability to fully heal lots of damage. This took Deathjack quite far from the main body of activity… A Warwitch ran into the Carnivore to tie it up.

On my turn Absylonia put Forced Evolution not the Ravagore and granted herself flight and reach to make it into the Warwitch for the kill. Next up the Ravagore charged into the Ripjaw, one shotting it. This let the Shredder go Rabid and finish off the Necrotech in the middle of the control zone. The final part of the plan involved the Carnivean, which had reach thanks to Playing God, totalling the Slayer. It charged in and scrapped it. That would be a control point with Peter a little out of position to challenge the scenario.

On his turn he cast Overrun again on the Leviathan, which took out the Shredder that had killed the Necrotech, moving Deathjack to charge range of the Ravagore. He charged in and totalled it. Deryliss moved into the control zone to contest it.

I had Mortenebra’s per Skarlock and Deathjack to deal with in order to win the Scenario. Absylonia cast Forced Evolution on the Carnivean, to buff his strength, and then charged Deryliss to take him out. The Carnivean then performed a Double-handed Throw on Deathjack to get him out of the zone. The game was mine.

That was a fun game. Beasts and ‘jacks make for an impressive spectacle.