Last week @docbungle suggested a good idea – namely, that wargamers/painters do a status update on a Monday of the hobby related things they did over the weekend and use the #miniaturemonday tag on twitter. Here’s my update for this weekend –
28mm US Paratroopers WIP

  • I finished my Panzergrenadier Lehr Mortar platoon for Flames of War.
  • I cleaned, assembled and primed some 28mm Warlord Games US Paratroopers. I also started painting them (pictured right).
  • I attempted to build more 15mm Southern Italy style houses for a Flames of War campaign. One turned out okay, but I need to rethink how I’m assembling them. The last batch were made purely from DAS air drying modeling clay. For this lot I decided to use a foam structure and then try to ‘plaster’ it. It looks fine, but was a messy process! I need to rethink what I’m doing there.
  • I started to reread the Malifaux. I’m skipping the (excellent) background stories and going straight to the rules. I hope to run a campaign for it later in the year.

Pretty productive weekend!