In Game 1 I managed to get a win against Feora, but Game 2 wasn’t to go my way!

Game 2 Overview

Scenario: Killing Field (from Prime MkII)

4 AI really missed the ranged elements of my army in this game. I barely dented Phil’s force and ultimately it was the Sunburst of all things that finished me off! In the last game my Marksman took out the Sunburst by himself, but I had no such option in this game.

Severius (and Phil!) proved too much for the Butcher’s slow moving army. I wasn’t aggressive enough – I should have moved up faster. I didn’t. As it was I was blasted with spells and then the Sunburst – that’s about the sum of it. That said I did manage to take out the Templar, so at least that’s something!

From a campaign perspective it’s all square with a game a piece, but Khador is ahead in the attrition game.