The Confrontation Wolfen miniatures make great proxies for Warpwolves. I’ve never been that interested in starting a Circle Orboros force, but I’ve had these old Confrontation miniatures for years and when I saw the Warpwolf Stalker I thought they’d make perfect proxies. The only Warpwolf miniature I actually like is the Pureblood; the original Warpwolf is in a weird pose and the new Stalker, certainly next to these Wolfen miniatures, is only so-so. These Wolfen will never be tournament legal, but I don’t care. It’s about putting paint on some neglected miniatures. I’ll never play Confrontation, so they may as well be used for something worthwhile!

Anyway, here are a few more of photos of my ‘impostor’ Warpwolves.
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157624553725522″]
Here’s the painting scheme (and more-or-less the order I painted it in) –

  • Skin: Codex Grey; Fortress Grey; Fortress Grey + Skull White (50:50); Fortress Grey + Skull White (33:66)
  • Gums: Gore Red
  • Ears: Elf Flesh (DB)
  • Armour (Green): Orkhide; Orkhide + Knarloc (50:50)
  • Leather: Snakebite
  • Claws: Graveyard + Snakebite (66:33)
  • Armour (Metal): Brass Balls + Graveyard (50:50)
  • Sword: Boltgun
  • Everything: Watered down Magic Wash
  • Base (Earth): Watered down Graveyard Earth
  • Base (Stone): Watered down Codex Grey; Fortress Grey (DB); Badab Black (Wash)

I’ve 4-5 more of these guys unpainted in the shed. I wonder which Circle warlock is good with Warpwolves?