If you’re not familiar with the German army from WWII that title probably makes no sense (unless you speak German)! I’ll explain what’s what as I go.

With the addition of these platoons my German army is starting to get quite large. I can now field a full company of Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers (armoured, mounted grenadiers)! These Panzergrenadiers are transported to battle by their (lightly) armoured and MG armed 250s. I’ve written a painting guide for these before, so I won’t bore you by repeating it here.
IMG 7365
IMG 7369
I’ve also added three more Nebelwerfers (rocket launchers) to the three I already have. These Nebelwerfers, literally translated as Fog Thrower for the amount of smoke they produced upon firing, are 15cm rocket launchers.
IMG 7363
Last up, two StuG Gs (assault guns) from the Open Fire! boxed set. The Sturmgeschütz III was Germany’s most produced armoured fighting vehicle in WWII. The G variant was armed with an MG as well as a pretty impressive 7.5cm gun.
IMG 7366
I’ve a platoon of heavy mortars to do next and then some artillery pieces. I think that’ll round out the army nicely.