Privateer Press have released their final PDF of the Hordes MkII model rules before the official release later this year. This is not the final word on Hordes MkII and we will not have that until the books are released. I had a look at the Legion of Everblight in this release and compared it against the 29th January release. The changes are mostly pretty minor, with a couple of spell changes and an adjusted feat being the highlights. Here are the differences I could see –

  • eLylyth lost Lock the Target and gained Pursuit
  • pThagrosh had the wording of Mutagenesis expanded
  • eThagrosh lost the Elite Cadre
  • Rhyas had the wording of Dash changed. Rhyas now also benefits from +1 Speed of the spell. It is strange that she is referred to by name in the spell text (i.e. not “this model”).
  • Saeryn’s feat just got better. The non-magical caveat has been removed. She lost Sunder Spirit and gained Hellfire.
  • Shredder gained Snacking
  • Raek’s animus changed to Shadow Shift from Shadow Stalk
  • Scather Crew ranged attack now causes Corrosion Damage

That’s all I spotted. Let me know if I missed anything.