Water Tower
After seeing this excellent video on the Iron Kingdoms at War blog I decided I’d dig up a few supplies and make my own water tower. With ‘jacks being used in everyday labour in the IK setting I decided a store of coal would also be useful.

The tube I used is wider than a Pringles tube (I can’t remember the specific brand) and I cut it in half to make the two towers. I used more-or-less exactly the techniques described above.

Coal Store

The coal is decorative stones mixed with PVA glue (and a small amount of water) and place on the top of the tower. I should have photographed a miniature for scale, but they are 6.5″-7″ tall and about 4″ in diameter.

I made a couple of minor mistakes (both of which are visible in the coal store photo). I should have undercoated the tubes black before sticking on the coffee stirers as the colourful artwork is slightly visible in places and near impossible to get a brush (or spray) at. The other mistake was not mixing black paint (or Gesso maybe) into the ‘coal’. Again it was a pain to undercoat.

Those small issues aside I think they turned out pretty well.