Saeryn’s powers couldn’t keep the Carnivean from crumbling to the onslaught from Kaelyssa and a Hydra. She could feel it’s fury being turned against it by the Iosan ‘caster. The Archers were dying in droves to her right and the Legionnaires were all but wiped out. She knew her only chance was to hit Kaelyssa at range, but despite damaging the enemy she couldn’t bring her down. As the ‘caster charged towards her Saeryn wondered how it had gone so badly…
Saeryn vs Kaelyssa
I had a game against Steve last week and Saeryn was taken down too easily. It was a good game, but it showed me something loud and clear – I CAN’T USE DELICATE WARLOCKS.

I’ve had pretty good success with the beat stick that is Thagrosh, but when it comes to the other Legion warlocks I really struggle. I’ve played subtle and tricky ‘casters in my Cryx and Khador (well, maybe not so subtle) factions and I’ve always gotten on okay with them.

The subtle Legion warlocks that I own are a real problem for me – Lylyth, eLylyth, Saeryn and Rhyas – I can’t figure them out! When I win with Thagrosh I think I’m playing the Legion of Everblight as if they were Khador. The Carnivean is pretty close to being a Khadoran ‘jack. He can certainly dish out a lot of damage. Maybe that’s my problem… I need to go cold turkey on the Carnivean. I haven’t really used the Angelius that much, so maybe it’s time to take him out a bit more often and figure out the slightly more subtle side of Hordes.

Okay – I’m off to make up a couple of lists and think about how they might play.