I bought these miniatures ages ago, but finishing painting them is pretty momentous. I’m am now fully painted before MkII. Okay, there are a couple of caveats – first one, that’s all of my Warmachine stuff painted, I still have some Hordes miniatures to do. Second one is that I’ve bought the miniatures for my MkII project, which I’ll start in January.
Mortar and Crew
I painted these guys to test out the paint scheme for the Winter Guard I’ll pick up to add to my army. I like the look of the Rifle Corps and will probably grab a unit early next year. The colour scheme worked out pretty well. Here are the paints I used –

  • Skin: Khardic Flesh / Dwarf Flesh (Highlight) / Elf Flesh (Highlight) / Ogryn Flesh Wash
  • Coat: Great Coat Grey / 1:1:2 Water:Shadow Grey:Greatcoat / Shadow Grey (Highlight) / 1:1 Shadow Grey:Space Wolves Grey (Highlight) / 3:3:1 Water:Asurmen Blue:Badab Black (Wash)
  • Red Areas: Scab Red (2 watered down coats) / Khador Red Base (2-3 Watered Down Coats) / 1:1 Base:Highlight / Highlight (DB) / Baal Red (Wash)
  • Caps, Gloves and Armour/Coat Edges: 1:1 Space Wolves Grey:Chaos Black / 2:1 Space Wolves Grey:Chaos Black (Highlight)
  • Beards/Hair: Bestial Brown (DB)
  • Fur: Codex Grey (DB)
  • Leather: 1:1 Scorched Brown:Bestial Brown / Bestial Brown (Hightlight) / 1:1 Snakebite Leather:Bestial Brown (Highlight)
  • Gun Hilt: Bestial Brown (DB)
  • Boots: Codex Grey (DB)
  • Everything Else (apart from Coat, Skin and Red areas): 1:1 Badab Black:Devlan Mud (Wash)

Okay, that’s Khador and Cryx fully painted. Now, I need to get some more Legion assembled – I want to get them done next. I’m looking forward to painting eThagrosh, though assembling him looks like it’ll be unpleasant!