I’ve played in lots of tournaments, mostly Warhammer, but also Warmachine and Hordes. It’s easy to forget something vital when packing up for a tournament, so here are my check lists.

Here’s my Warhammer tournament check list –

    1. Army (Miniatures, Movement Trays)
    2. Dice (D6s, Scatter, Artillery, Turn Counter)
    3. Templates (Flame and two Artillery)
    4. Measuring Tape (or two)
    5. Army list (At least two copies, but I prefer four; one per game and one for organisers)
    6. Rulebooks and Paperwork (Army Book, Rulebook, Rulepack and Ticket)
    7. Army Case (Case, foam trays and covers)
    8. Tray (for moving the army between games)
    9. Pen/Pencil and Spare Paper
    10. Super Glue
    11. Special Army Counters (e.g. Wood Elves Forest, Spell Markers, Tunnelling Team Markers, etc.)
    12. Calculator

For Warmachine and Hordes I add the following –

    13. Unit cards and card sleeves
    14. Drywipe pen
    15. Focus and Fury counters

I also bring paracetamol and loads of water as they are long intense days, so some emergency supplies may be needed!