Karchev the Terrible (Assembly)

This miniature wasn’t as bad to assemble as I thought it’d be. 24 pieces (including the base) makes for a pretty big metal miniature, but it goes together quite nicely. The pieces slot in logically and there is little green stuffing required. The green stuff is drying at the moment. Once it is I’ll wash the miniature (you can see the release agent on it) and prime tomorrow. As you can see I’ve deliberately left the ‘skirt’ and arms off the miniature to ease the painting. I’ve pins sticking out of the arm sockets so that I can attach exacto-blade bodies to in order to have something to hold while I paint them.

I’m probably going to paint him predominantly in a maroon and army green colour scheme, similar to the Butcher of Khardov (below).

Butcher of Khardov

Karchev is the first of three Khadoran miniatures I want to paint to get my Warmachine stuff fully painted for MkII – my Cryx are 100% painted, there are these last few bits for Khador and the Swamp Gobbers. I have a new project lined up for MkII, but I’ll blog on that when MkII launches in the new year.