Cryx painted between 24/7/2009 - 9/8/2009
The last two weeks has been a marathon of painting. Over that time I’ve spent about 26 hours preparing and painting 30 miniatures and I’m pretty happy with the results. Asphyxious was added during the last week in order to help preserve my sanity by painting another character model rather than just rank and file. Two Bile Thralls were added to bulk up the unit in order to fill out army points when I didn’t quite have enough for another Bane Knight or Bane Thrall. Below is what was painted along with links to the relevant articles –

Name Cost VP Painted?
Iron Lich Asphyxious 78 5 Yes
Mechanithralls (6/10) 39 2 Yes
Bile Thralls (8/10) 53 2 Yes
Bane Knights (8/10) 99 2 Yes
Bane Thralls (6/10) 82 2 Yes
Bane Lord Tartarus 40 1 Yes

Army Points: 391
Victory Points: 14

I’m fairly organised in my painting – I always keep a cheat sheet of the colour blends and highlights I use so that I can reproduce any of them if necessary (this is particularly important on armies I add to over a long period). I also keep a priority list of what I want to paint and in roughly what order. In that way my ‘pile of lead’ is kept under control. Some projects don’t get done and others get bumped up the order, but at least by keeping the list I’m honest with myself as to what I want to do. I generally trade/sell on the rest.

I want to add a ‘jack to the Cryx soon and I think I’ve settled on either the Nightmare or Harrower – I must check out their MkII stats. Now… what to paint next?