In another flurry of painting I managed to finish a unit of six Bane Thralls today. I decided to paint them a little differently to my other unit, so that they look more like the Goreshade paint job. This was in order to use them as his ‘raised’ unit on the feat turn. The overall effect I was going for was muted browns and dulled highlights. I think they’ve turned out pretty good for the 4 hours spent on them.

I painted them using a basic drybrushing and washing technique. The main brown is GW Bestial Brown drybrushed on with increasing amounts of GW Bleached Bone. The ‘skirt’ is GW Scorched Brown with increasing amounts of GW Kommando Khaki. Each of these areas received 4-5 increasingly light drybrushes followed by a wash of Devlan Mud. The chainmail and axe metal is GW Boltgun Metal and a wash of Badab Black. The coppery metal is GW Brazen Brass washed in Badab Black.
Bane Thralls

The Skulls are highlighted up to pure Bleached Bone with dot of enchanted Blue for the eyes. The wooden part of the weapon handle had the same drybrush as the main brown dulled back with a highlight of Graveyard Earth and a wash of Badab Black. The leather straps, similarly, had a final highlight of Snakebite Leather applied and then a wash of Badab Black.

I picked up Iron Lich Asphyxious, so he and Tartarus are next to be assembled and painted. It’ll be nice to concentrate on a couple of character models after painting 18 troopers models.