Guild Ball: Down to the wire

Gavin and I played an epic game of Guild Ball last night, which saw his Grange-led Farmers face off against Blackheart and his Union lackies. I’ve been favouring Blackheart, Coin, Gutter, Decimate, Minx and Mist as my Union line-up. In truth the only other players I own are Fangtooth and Avarisse and Greede, so my options are limited. My kids were wondering why I don’t field the big guys. I had no good answer, so I really must give them a go. That said, I like players who can (also) play football, so I might put the gruesome twosome into the lineup the next time I play, possibly replacing Gutter or Minx. Though it’ll be hard to drop anyone, as I get work out of all of them.

Anyway, on to the game and a what humdinger it was! I kicked off with Mist and then cheekily stole the ball back at the end of Turn 1, which I did last game too, but this time it didn’t work out as well. Mist was all by himself and got taken out by Wendle and Grange, giving Gavin a two point lead early in Turn 2. My Turn 2 was lackluster with Jack slowing up some of my models, and Blackheart barely scratching Harrow. Gav, played a bit of football, but the ball didn’t move into my half. Thankfully things picked up in Turn 3 for the Union. I picked on Harrow and took him out and Gav missed a pass to Jack, who was in prime position to score. I nearly got Mist in trouble again, by getting a bit too close to Wendle, but thankfully I evaded the big fella! Turn 4 saw a bit of a scrap around the ball, very close to my goal, but the Farmers managed to slot it home, going to 6:2. My response was instant, with the kick-out landing by Decimate, who sprinted and scored in response (6:6). I began to really work on bringing Grange down, and in Turn 5 I succeeded. Some deft footballing by the Farmers saw them slot a goal home. Mist was practically standing on my goal, but he was loaded with influence, so I managed to pass the ball the Decimate (who had no influence). It was 10:8 to the Farmers and they came very close to taking out Minx, but she just about got away from a rampaging (berserking!) Wendle. Decimate moved towards the Farmer’s goal and dropped the ball, ready for Gutter to swoop in and put away the winning goal.

The game ended 12:10 to the Union, but a slightly better roll by Wendle against Minx would have seen a different result. It was so much fun. Every player activation felt like it mattered. Even though I didn’t mention him/her above, Coin was possibly my MVP. It snatched the ball from Wendle in a dangerous position and thanks to his Follow Up, reduced Wendle’s effectiveness (slightly) when he was trying to take out Minx.

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