Command & Colors: Ancients

Command & Colors: Ancients

I bought the Command & Colors: Ancients box years ago and never got around to playing it. I’d been playing Memoir ’44 quite a bit and already owned Battle Cry. I liked the look of it as a game, but honestly had little interest in Ancients.

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Only recently have Phil and I had a chance to play it (on VASSAL) and it surprised me. It has some nice complexities and nuances over the other similar games. For example, some units can evade, some can benefit from momentum, the units are differentiated in terms of abilities (e.g. being able to move 2 hexes only if they then fight in close combat, having reduced ranged effectiveness if they move, being more or less survivable, etc.) and the cards reward keeping units in fighting lines. All of this leads to a very nice game.

We’ve played through the first two scenarios, with me taking command of the Syracusans and Phil leading the Carthaginians. We’re having fun and the honours are evenly divided between us so far… let’s see how things continue. With VASSAL the games are fast to play, taking about 45 minutes, so it’s easy to get stuck into the action.

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